Malindi Casual Oxford Kikoy Shirt in Tree Tomato

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Timeless, casual 100% cotton Kikoy shirt with buttoned collar, mitered cuffs. Kikoy is a fabric manufactured exclusively in East Africa and renown for it’s bright and refreshing colours. 


Our exclusive Gentle Fit sits in between the classic and the slim fit, providing the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. Continuous back pleats offer a casual look and extra comfort when worn. The armholes are high enough, the sleeves have some room but are not too wide, and the yoke extends just past the shoulder bone. The chest pockets adds to the casual, yet stylish look and practicality to the wearer for storing that reading device or cinema ticket.


For this casual Spring collection we use an amazing, sustainable 100% cotton weave. The fabric is made from 100% Kenyan Kikoy, a soft and smooth material solely produced in East Africa. It does not wrinkle very easily and recovers quite well. The 2-ply thread makes the fabric amazingly durable and so enjoyable to the wearer. The bright, springy colours create a Timeless look of these shirts for a perfect spring/summer event, a casual Friday, or for the Timeless look at the weekend leisure event.


 Style: Informal, Casual

 Weave: Oxford

 Composition: 100% Cotton

 Thread Count:

 Weight: 200gsm

 Origin: Kenya


Our Mother of pearl (MOP) buttons are iridescent buttons made from inner layers of shells. The slightly shimmering and luminous appearance even brings some luxury to our casual Timeless shirts. Our buttons are all exclusively fabricated and bear our brand engraved at the front side.


Our Casual Timeless collection uses a classic button-down collar. This collar is intended to be worn without necktie or suit, but suitably fits a casual blazer or jacket.


Our cuffs are mitered cuffs with single button, which look splendid on the casual shirts as well as on the more dressy ones.. The cuffs have an elegant but extended mitered angle at the button closure and are fused to keep a clever appearance.

It's not easy being a start-up clothing brand. It's even harder to be a sustainable start-up. But our ethos is simple. One people. One planet. So for our launch we have focused on four specific areas of sustainability.

a) Quality and timeless design: It is projected that by the end of 2019, in the US alone 35.4 billion lbs of textile (including clothing, shoes, curtains, towels etc.) waste will be generated. One of the reasons for this excessive waste is, excessive purchase of fast fashion goods that are of poor quality and, trend and season driven. Our desire is to bring back quality products into the hands of consumers. Products that are made from high quality fabrics and have excellent craftsmanship. Designs that are timeless and stylish. We believe that the Victor Herbert 1972 consumer, is one who demands quality over quantity, possesses a style that is iconic and classic, and is conscious of his impact on others and the planet.

b) Sustainable fabrics: We are committed to using earth friendly fabrics at all times. As such, we have partnered with the Cotton Made in Africa (CMiA) initiative, who work to improve the living conditions of African smallholders and promote environmentally friendly cotton production. The cotton used in our polos are sourced from CMiA from small farmers in Uganda and are solely rain-fed cotton, which saves more than 2,100 liters of water per kilogram of cotton fiber compared to the global average. To know more about the CMiA, please see here.

c) Biodegradable and compostable packaging: In our packaging we have eliminated almost all traces of plastic, using as much as possible materials made from renewable materials. The transparent sleeves that pack our garments are biodegradable and the mailers in which our products reach our consumers are compostable. 

d) Ethical manufacturing: We only work with factories that ensure fair wages and good working conditions to those who make our products. As our operations are in East Africa, we chose factories in Kenya and Uganda that we could visit to observe the working conditions and truly ethical manufacturing.

For a new brand, taking on all four of these sustainability aspects has not been simple. But as we move forward we will improve each and every aspect of our business. That is our promise to our consumers and the planet.

Malindi Casual Oxford Kikoy Shirt in Tree Tomato
Malindi Casual Oxford Kikoy Shirt in Tree Tomato
Malindi Casual Oxford Kikoy Shirt in Tree Tomato
Malindi Casual Oxford Kikoy Shirt in Tree Tomato