About Us


The Woman Behind Victor Herbert 1972

My name is Shabnam Pechek and I started my journey to create a sustainable luxury clothing line for men, with timeless designs, a focus on quality of craftsmanship, and premium fabrics in 2018.

The love for natural and quality fabrics is part of my Bengali heritage. The determination to be sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical throughout the process is inspired by the nature, the wildlife, and the warm smiles of the people of Kenya, my current home. My fashion inspiration is New York, my forever love and my muse is my wonderful husband, committed to changing the world through his work, Herbert Victor Pechek.

Victor Herbert 1972 is a brand that is synonymous with sustainable luxury for men. Our designs are the result of a modern twist on timeless and classic apparel for men, perfect for the work and leisure wear. Our commitment is to our customers, our planet, and giving back to communities in need.

The Launch Journey

The journey began with a simple understanding that there needs to be more sustainable brands for classic men's clothing. So for our launch we focused our attention to what most working professional men have in their wardrobes, a large selection of formal men's shirts and polos. 

We studied the evolution and history of men's professional and smart casual attire and realized that while the classic men's shirt over the years have changed in subtle ways, it has remained a formal shirt, the same goes for the polo. So the question we wanted to answer is - What distinguishes "A Shirt" from "The Shirt"? and what makes a Polo great? 

Our understanding is, the subtle changes in design, fit, and fabric is what discerning men value above all else when it comes to formal and smart casual men's wear. We played around with all three, tried and tested different variations on men of various ages and professions, and we came up with what we consider a winning combination of all three. The Aberdeen Formal Shirt and the Barmouth Polo are the result of this winning combination, and our perfect launch products. 

Our Limited Launch Selection

Our launch highlight is the Aberdeen Shirt. This is all about quality. Quality fabrics, quality craftmanship, and quality as an aspect of sustainability. The Aberdeen is made of 100% luxury cotton fine twill with Super 140s 2-ply weave construction. The two-ply thread makes the fabric amazingly durable despite its fine weave. Due to its ultra-fine and extra-long staple, our fabrics are most exceptionally soft. A fine hint of silky shine brings out the most Timeless look of these shirts. The buttons are Mother-of-Pearl sitting firmly on a hand-made thread shaft that creates a seamless fit, no tugging or pulling of the fabric or buttons falling off. We’ve also designed the shirt to have a classic English spread collar and mitered cuffs with a single button.

For the Barmouth Polos, we have used a medium weight knit pique cotton, sourced from the Cotton Made in Africa (CMIA) initiative. Our Polo design is a classic fit, with a textured look and a soft feel, we've added a ribbed collar and a vented hem for further comfort. The look is versatile and perfect for casual Fridays at work or for the weekend.

If you would like to know more about the Cotton Made in Africa Initiative, please follow the link: